A Unique Mobile App for SELF LEARNING!

MEDHA LEARNING APP is the brain child of Dr. A. Chiranjeevi,

the Founder and Chief Coach of Medha Language Theatre.


It is a unique tool that helps the individuals to learn and equip with essential skills to succeed in personal, professional and social spheres.  It offers varied educational and professional development courses that suit to the requirements of Students, Job Aspirants, Employees, Businessmen, Professionals and People from various walks of life.


Aspiring candidates can choose the courses that best suit their need and subscribe to the courses.

Individuals are advised to read the terms and conditions before subscribing to any course.  New courses on varied topics keep hitting the inbox at regular intervals.

Every course in Medha learning app is unique in its style, design, contents and methods. The courses are meticulously planned and carefully crafted with clear understanding of the objectives of the learners. Right from the concept to deliver quality speaks everywhere.

New courses hit the inbox at regular intervals



1. What is Medha Learning App?

Medha Learning App is the brainchild of Dr Ambaragonda Chiranjeevi, The Founder and Chief Coach of Medha Institute of English and Personality Development, established in 1994. It is an online learning platform, where you can have various courses relating to Spoken English, Soft Skills, and Personality Development.

2. What courses do you offer?

Currently, we are offering two courses. Spoken English (standard course), and 'Interview Skills'. The interview skills-is the full-fledged course which is the combination of Soft-Skills and Interview Skills. However, various other courses in regard to Spoken English, Soft-Skills, and Personality Development will be introduced soon.

3. Can we get the Spoken English course by lingual?

Yes, you can access the Spoken English (Standard) course in two versions. The first version is English to English, and the second version is English to Telugu. In the future you can also access the course in English to Hindi, and other languages also.

4. Can we have free videos?

Of course you can. You can watch some of the videos relating to our in-app courses, motivation, upcoming events and updates.
However, the full-fledged in-app courses are available only on subscription.

5. How do I subscribe to the courses?

It is simple, once you click on the subscription button in the menu, you can go to the Subscription page, where you will see the available courses, and the complete details. You can choose the courses that best suit your learning needs, and click on Buy to subscribe.

6. How long can I access the course?

The access period varies from course to course. You can know the access period for each course in the course details. You are advised to see the complete course details, and the terms and conditions before you subscribe.

7. Can I watch the video lessons off-line?

Of course, you can download the video lessons within the app, and you can watch them off-line from download page.

The course videos are strictly for watching within the app, but not outside in anyway.

8. What payment options are available?

You can make the payment through various payment methods. After choosing the course to which you wish to subscribe, just click on the button Buy, and then you will be directed to the page, which will feature various payment methods that are available. You can choose one of the options available to make the payment.

9. What if I face any issue?

We constantly put our efforts to give you a great experience with ‘Medha Learning App’. If you face any issue, you can feel free report the issue with us We will get back to you at the earliest, and extend all the possible support to resolve the issue. Our ultimate objective is to make sure that you will have a wonderful learning experience with us.

10. Looking for more information?

If you are looking for more information in regard to on-line and off-line courses, training programs, events, and business association, and other services that we offer, please feel free to write us

We will be delighted to get back to you at the earliest.